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Providing affordable social media marketing that will help you build your dental practice in a fast changing and highly competitive market

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Why Do I Need To Post on Social Media?

At the beginning of 2019 there were 45 million social media users in the UK. That’s 67% of the whole population. The average user in the UK spends 1 hour and 50 minutes scrolling through social media sites each day with Facebook being the most popular platform.

The fact that your existing patients and many hundreds of potential ones are active on social media for almost two hours per day is an opportunity simply too good to miss! To ignore it simply hands the advantage to your competitors who, if they are not are already using social media are almost certainly planning to.

Now the barriers to social media marketing (i.e. the relatively high cost and lack of time/expertise) have been removed, there is no reason for any independent dental practice to deny themselves the benefits of social media marketing any longer.

Why Should I Choose Your Service?


Our company has 45 years’ experience helping the UK’s small and medium sized enterprises to promote and grow their business.


We will provide your practice with a continuous supply of personalised top quality posts that will in turn, educate, interest, enlighten and entertain your growing Facebook audience. Many of these posts will be inspired by campaigns and advice from NHS England, Public Health England, the Oral Health Foundation, the BDJ and the BDA.


This new and unique service is offered on a low cost, pay-as-you-go basis.


You can 'try before you buy' with a free-of-charge monthly trial.

Grow Your Patient List

Boost your practice income

Increase your practice turnover

What Does the Service include?

Our Social Active service includes:

Set Up

The setting up of a Facebook Business page for your practice or alternatively, a revamp of your existing Facebook page (if required).

High Quality Posts

The posting of 8 or 12 high quality and highly engaging posts to your Facebook Business page every month.

For examples of the types of posts available please click here.

Promotional Cards

1,000 ‘Find us on Facebook’ cards for you to distribute to your patients (and others) to start building your Facebook audience.

Help & Guidance

Tips and advice on how to make the most of this social media opportunity.


Continual access to helpful and revealing performance data.


Posts to the Instagram platform are available for an additional monthly fee.

What Are Your Terms?

The service charge itself is just £66.00 plus VAT per month for 8 posts or £99.00 plus VAT per month for 12 posts.

There is no fixed or minimum term and payment is by Direct Debit.

This arrangement will continue for as long as you wish. Should you choose to terminate the arrangement, all you need to do is confirm this by email and we will stop distributing posts on your behalf and cancel further payment.

This service charge is guaranteed to remain the same for a minimum period of 24 months. Beyond this period you will be notified in advance of any increase in this amount.

Low Cost

No Risk

Build your Brand

How Can I Contact You?

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